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2009 ART Exhibits at IBM Poughkeepsie, NY
Hudson Valley Artisans Guild and HCC-Arts members have an opportunity to display works at IBM on South Road in Poughkeepsie, NY.  The exhibit will feature artists every three months. There is no fee. This is a wonderful opportunity to have your works displayed in a corporate environment. ARTISTS/ARTISANS MUST NOT CONTACT IBM CONCERNING THIS EXHIBITION.  ALL INQUIRIES MUST GO THROUGH Andrea Rinaldi. IBM will not work with the artists directly. Please review the guidelines below and complete the application form (pls link the application form) and return to Andrea Rinaldi, 11 Round Hill Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 or e-mail to

Duration: 3 months Each artist can exhibit only one time in each building location within the same year.

Slide/Photo Deadline: on-going.

Media: 2D Visual Art - Contemporary, cohesive and business-suitable body of work.  All works selected must be similarly framed, in size and treatment. Original works and high quality framed prints will be considered.

Size Limit: works of various sizes.

To enter submit the following: please e-mail a jpeg of your work to, include the title of your work, the medium and size in inches (HxWxD). If a jpeg of your work isn't available, please contact Andrea Rinaldi at 462-2835. Please complete the application form as well and either e-mail to Andrea or send to address above.
 Liability and Insurance: Members will carry their own insurance.  The HVAG, HCC-Arts and IBM will not be held responsible or liable for damage to property or loss through theft, breakage, fire or any other cause whatsoever or for any injury caused by the artist or artwork.  Application to this exhibit constitutes agreement to these terms by the artist/artisan.

Sales: The artworks on display will be numbered on the walls. Andrea will put the potential buyer in contact with the artist. The artist will handle any sale privately.

Receiving and Accepted Work: All works must be hand delivered to the IBM site at the agreed drop off date due to security check in.  All accepted work must remain for the duration of the exhibit. Substitutions will not be accepted. 

Removal of work after exhibition: Work must be picked up by the artist or his/her representative on the scheduled pick up date at the end of the exhibition. There is no storage room on the site.

Calendar:       Deadline: on-going
                Notification: one month after receiving the application at this time, wall space and exhibit schedule will be discussed between artist and committee. 

           Reception: There will not be an opening or advertisement.